Webinar Sales

For those of you that sell using a Webinar or Evergreen experience you know the importance of creating a presentation that uses messaging to attract the right buyers. We team with experts in webinar sales after having held hundreds of live events and coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to create a webinar that converts. We use webinars to close sales in both the Product and Service industries with stellar results. We offer a Done For You Webinar where our highly skilled camera personality will deliver the webinar on your behalf. We also offer a webinar creations service where we craft a highly converting webinar you can deliver.

What We Offer

  • Done For You Webinar
  • Done With You Webinar

The Way We Work


We Get Creative

Tell us about your business. After you share your ideal webinar outcomes and your strengths/weaknesses we’ll decide on whether the Done For You Webinar or Done With You Webinar is best for you.


Let's Put It Together

Our team will begin outlining the Webinar, Slides, Pitch, and Overall Presentation.and strategizing for your lead generation, lead generation capture, and follow up.


Let's Get it Out There

We’ll set up the date of your webinar and begin prepping for the delivery of your highly converting webinar.


Rinse and Repeat

Our team will manage closely monitor the webinar creation process to lead more viewers to become paying customers. We’ll provide overall webinar feedback at the end to ensure you get the best results.

We want to learn more about your business. We’re always interested in learning how we can help you!

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